Combustion-based Small-scale High-power-density Power Generation System

J. Peng, M. Lee, and Y. Suzuki


In the present study, we aim at development of micro thermophotovoltaic (TPV) system using micro ceramic combustor. Advantages of such system are three folds; firstly, TPV systems will provide power generation per unit area that is one order of magnitude larger than DMFC. Secondly, no active device for peripheral such as pumps or valves is required.

A micro-scale catalytic combustor using high-precision ceramic tape-casting technology has been developed. Pd/Nano porous alumina fabricated through anodic oxidation was employed for the catalyst layer having good adhesion to the substrate. In order to minimize thermal stress at high operation temperature, catalyst arrangement that gives much smaller temperature gradient has been proposed based on a series of CFD analysis of heat and fluid flow and surface reaction in micro channels. The present finding with CFD has been confirmed by combustion experiments; the wall temperature as high as 850 °C and extremely high heat generation density of 2-3x10^8 W/m^3 have been achieved with the present combustor prototype. It is also found that the wall temperature gradient is significantly reduced with the present catalyst arrangement.

Metal-coated silicon microcavities have also been developed as selective emitter. Vacuum arc evaporation is employedfor the metal film deposition on the microcavities. For 1.8 um microcavities with 50 nm-thick Ti film, an emittance peak appears at the wavelength of 3.2 um, which corresponds well to the first electromagnetic resonance mode. By using a Ge PV cell, energy conversion efficiency with the present microcavity at 915 °C is found to be 3.2 %, which is in good agreement with the estimates with an equivalent circuit model. Assuming the radiation view factor of 0.93, the energy conversion efficiency based on the present model is increased to 7.6 % for the emitter temperature of 1200 °C.

Micro catalytic combustor using high-precision ceramic tape casting technology (Kamijo et al., 2009)

Metal-coated micro caviteis for radiation spectral control (Kirikae et al., 2010)

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